Daniel Terrico
Professional Carver

Daniel Terrico also known as 'Carver Dan<(20> was the first wood working Walt Disney World apprentice. Terrico at the age of 21 saved Walk Disney World thousands of dollars with his creative ideas in expanding river country, Florida's first water park. Soon after that, Terrico met the CEO Dick Nunis and after that meeting he was asked by his boss VP of resorts Keith Kamback what he would like to do in the company? "I want to be a woodworking apprentice at the creative shop" was Dan's quick answer. Daniel apprenticed under some of the worlds best craftsman, like richard Summers who was hired by Walt Disney himself in the mid 60's.

Daniel has wanted to apprentice other in the US but unfortunately woodcarving is a dying trade that most likely would have been lost if not for shopping network QVC. QVC has sold over 400,000 pieces of his art for the past 11 years.

While visiting Dan's long time artist friend Chau Pham's family in Vietnam in 1996. Daniel found an abundance of potential, eager would-be apprentices, this master craftsman was in heaven. Soon they called him Carver Dan and he build a massive art studio in the city of Cu Chi. You visit us at carverdans.com
Rainbow Sailboat

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Rainbow Sailboat
Sculpture: Wood Sculptures

A huge cloth sailed sailboat.

This is an original work.
Height 38" x Width 32" x Depth 8"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID DT_0004
Status: All Galleries


A wood sculpture sailboat with cloth sails.

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