Iesha Ali
Professional Artist

I’Esha Ali is an African American talented young artist who resides in Sanford FL. She is age 15 and is presently being home schooled since the 7th grade and is now in the 10th grade. She has been attending classes at Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art for over 2 years. She earned her certificate from the Gallery and is now in the advanced classes. I’Esha has been loving art since a young child when she won her first Art Award in Kindergarten which was a portrait of herself with her two dogs. She still has that picture. She has won many other Art Awards throughout school and has a large portfolio as you will see here. She absolutely adores animals and the plant kingdom which is her signature.
Leopard Dance

Dolphins at Play

Bashful Bunny

Baby Brown

Leopard Dance
Painting: Acrylic on Canvas

The Sun is setting and our Leopard is getting ready to pounce on her evening prey.

This is an original work.
Height 16" x Width 20"
Year Produced: 2013
Inventory ID IA_0002
Status: All Galleries


I wanted to do something that had to do with Africa . I really loved cats and so I picked the Leopard. Leopards are very independent creatures and the do almost everything on there own. When it comes time to hunt they are very opportunistic. Currently this picture is in the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Gallery.

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