Jill Shannon Benning
Professional "Art Jewelry" Artist

Born and raised right here in Central Florida Benning has spent her life creating wearable elaborate peaces of art. She has studied jewelry making from the renowned "Sunny Strings," eventually becoming a professor, hiring and teaching people how to make jewelry. Benning went on to master weaving and stitching beaded creations. She learned the art of making glass lampwork beads and pendants. Benning also perfected wire and metal working. She expresses her art in other ways by creating paintings made entirely of beads.

"Benning's work is the most original, stunning, pieces I have ever seen," said Lori Anne Harris, Vice President and Director of Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art located in Lake Mary Florida.
Brass Spider Sculpture

A Butterfly In The Garden.

Brass Spider Sculpture
Sculpture:  Vintage brass door knobs, wire and beads.

A sculpture of a spider using door knobs.

This is an original work.
Height 2.5" x Width 7" x Depth 6"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID JB_0001
Status: All Galleries


This is a fun decorative spider sculpture to accent anyone’s desk, vanity or bookshelf.

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