Robert A. Watler
Professional Artist

Known for his scenic pastel and mixed media paintings, Cuban born artist Roberto A. Watler creates works of art that are alive with movement. His paintings are emotionally stirring yet peaceful. Colorful vistas filled with highlights, sunshine and warmth are the themes of his inspiration although much of his work is done in India ink, nevertheless, his art seems to create a stir of implied color within the viewer.

Seeking a new life, Watler's family left cuba in 1957 for the Port of Palm Beach Florida. Later, as a young man of 12 he began painting. At 16, Watler was painting oil on canvas while working at a restaurant. After seeing his talent, the store manager requested his paintings to be hung throughout the restaurant. Thus began his professional fine art career, and his first solo show.

Shortly after graduating with honors from Ringling College of Art and Design, Mr. Watler distinguished himself as a professor of interior design. In addition to teaching he became an interior and set designer who often made renderings and paintings for the interiors he designed. With frequent requests to do commissions in various mediums, internationally known french interior decorateur Annick Presles encouraged Watler to pursue his favorite and most requested method of painting, pastel and later mixed media.

Watler has taught fine art a the college level, Interior Decor, Painting, and Sketch classes. He has also taught seminars, summer camps, and guest lectured in a variety of venues. Today Watler is well known for his many representational works and abstracts. He currently teaches what he calls his "artistic secrets" to his students.

"When you begin a work of art", said Robert A. Watler, "you start with lines and shade values and you think in abstract forms. As you work the forms, over time, more representational features emerge, and the lines and shapes create a direction of their own that you simply follow."

Watler seems to love drawing and painting abstracts, still life’s, garden scenes, lake and ocean views, and interior and exterior portraits of homes. On each painting the lighting is enhanced and the impression of the scene surfaces among the undulating lines and shades. His highly unique style seems to connect with collectors whenever they discover his work.

"Few artists work get as much attention as a Watler piece," said Andrew Dean Hyder - Curator, Hyder Gallery Center for fine art. "I see universal appeal in his work. We are excited to represent this talented artist."

The vivid and emotional works of Watler are brimming with light and contrast. His work has been displayed in a variety of galleries and juried shows. Watler can also be found in numerous national and international private collections.

Notable quotes:

"I was going through a difficult season in my life... I was reading Numbers 22-24... It was so powerful that I wanted to find a way of giving it to memory... I asked him [Robert] if he... could capture it in a painting... Today his painting hangs on my office wall... I am reminded of God's message to me... Robert's painting captured the message and delivered it powerfully." - Dennis Lapin

"Robert's art has transformed my cold house into a cozy and welcoming home. He is an amazing artist!" - Olivia Stemberger - Educator.
Tending Familial

Deco Bungalow

Silo Renewed


Deco Bungalow


Ancient Path

Tent Makers

Tending Familial
Painting: India Ink on Paper

Expressionist Floral in Pottery

This is an original work.
Height 17" x Width 13" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID RW_0007
Status: All Galleries


Placed, positioned purposeful, the family arrangement flourishes, blooms, and loves.

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