The Artist team of Susana Velez and Stephanie Vargas
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Fine Art Handcrafted Jewelry at affordable prices. a combination of semi precious stones, glass beads and seed beads. All the styles are handcrafted and designed by us and our team at our workshop in Ibarra, Ecuador using supreme quality gold tone, tarnish resistant wire and a combination of semi precious stones, glass beads, and seed beads. If you are looking for unique, and elegant designs in jewelry at affordable prices you won't be disappointed.

Our vision is to provide women with a way to look glamorous, classy and beautiful at affordable prices. At the same time our mission is to provide a source of income to the less privileged women who find it difficult to find employment because they are either handicapped, single mothers or those who don't have much education. In doing so we are contributing to the dignity and empowerment of our fellow females. We want to show them and the world that, YES WE CAN!
Turquoise Flower Cassandra

Yellow Beaded Cassandra

Spiral Rondelle

Green and Brown Cassandra

Circle Basket

Dream Catcher Charm

Stone Solitaire

Double Stone

Stone and Nest

Turquoise Flower Cassandra
Bracelet: Gold tone wire, semi precious stones

Gold tone tarnish resistant wire is hand crafted to form the bracelet plaque. Chain links are made by hand. The flower charm is hand wrapped. Bracelet has turquoise and cystal beads. We finished with an artesanal hand made clasp. Every bit of this piece of jewelry has been hand crafted.

This is an original work.
Height 0" x Width 0"
Year Produced: 2017
Inventory ID SS_0004
Status: All Galleries


All the links are individually made by hand as well as the cuff which is looped from one single wire. The charm is also hand wrapped in wire.

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