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Overview:  We provide built in solutions for artists, collectors, dealers, gallerists & benefactors. Earn while you rate & curate art. Register for a $5 welcome bonus. ×

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Get Started:  Simply Register
with just your email address.
Click the icon for a $5 gift,
then rate, curate & earn.

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Navigation Buttons:  There are
tools above, below, left & right.
Select the one you would like
to know more about.

Buy Art:  Click on the image of artwork to get more information
about that work. Here you can Purchase the art or help the artist.

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Escrow  Ways to Earn 
Sell Art:  Upload images of art using the icon. Our escrow service secures all sales. You pay $1 for each art you upload & we pay you 85% of each sale. ×

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Ways to Earn Benefactor 
Rate Art:  Once you register, you can rate art by clicking one of the five large stars below. Each time you earn 1¢. The overall user rating is in the upper left. ×

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Overall User Rating 
Curate Art:  When you click the icon it saves/unsaves the current art you are viewing for later inclusion in your own gallery .

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4 Ways to Earn: 
1. by rating art. 2. by selling art.
3. is by sharing art & 4. by receiving donations from benefactors & supporters.

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Benefactors/Donate:  You can donate funds to support a specific work of art, an artist, or a collection. Click the work of art, then under View: click the drop down ↓ menu to donate. ×

Why Donate to Artists  Mission 
  Login or Register:  First time users must Register to receive bonuses & benefits. Once registered & logged in the icon will change verifying your status. ×

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 My Bank:  The bank will assist you in tracking what you earn & spend. We have gifted you a $5 bonus to start. You are able to earn or add funds at any time. ×

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Upload:  When you upload an image of your art using the icon, our escrow service secures all transactions. You pay a $1 fee for each new work of art. ×

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  My Gallery:  Works of art that you upload may be in your gallery, sorted by various methods - see Settings . ×

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Questions & Answers: 
Whenever you see the icon
you can click it for more information
about the context of the tools
and functionality you are using.

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  Settings:  This is where you set
the preferences for your account.
You can change navigation
and many other things here.

 Slide Settings   My Gallery Settings 
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 Profile:  When logged in, this
icon allows you to logout, update
your biography, your profile & you
can navigate the escrow features
for buying & selling art.

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 Full Screen:  This icon toggles
the full screen mode on and off.
Depending upon your device,
Full Screen may be preferable.

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  Left / Back:  You can navigate
horizonally left or back to previous
works of art. Each click moves you
one art work at a time.

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  Share this Art:  You can share
any work of art that is currently
displayed by using this feature.

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  Right or Next:  You can navigate
horizonally right or to the next
work of art. Each click moves you
one art work at a time.

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Search:  Type a keyword or phrase into the search below/left.
It will seach titles and descriptions.
Here you can also advertise
your art or gallery.

Grand Gallery  Keywords  Top Galleries 
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Top Galleries:  This dropdown list contains paid gallery results.
The list is sorted by highest bidder.
To list your gallery click Upload then the Top Galleries tab.

 Upload  Keywords  Search 
Grand Gallery/a>  Play Your Gallery
Grand Gallery:  The Grand Gallery randomly lists all works from all galleries. To see other Galleries, click the Top Galleries button
(left of screen) or search.

Search   Top Galleries 
Ways to Earn
  Register:  You will need to
provide your email address, a new/unique password & also you need to input a security question.

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  Login:  The login button is combined with the Register button. Once you click it you can select the tab to login or to register. ×

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Why Donate to Artists:  Even a small donation can make artists optimistic about their future.
Spread a message of inspiration.
Be part of great art achievement.

Theodorus Van Gogh  Add Funds 
My Bank  Mission
Theodorus Van Gogh:  was the
brother of Vincent Van Gogh.
Theo's unfailing financial support allowed his brother to devote himself entirely to painting. Where would the world be without Theo?

Why Donate to Artists  Benefactor  Mission 
4 Ways to Earn  Contact
Overall Total User Rating:
All user ratings for this work of art
are averaged and displayed on
your left above. A user can only
rate a specfic work of art once.

Rate Art  Curate Art  4 Ways to Earn 
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Purchase:  When you click on this button, notice the order form & payment options. Here you may apply a percentage of your "My Bank" balance to the purchase. ×

$ My Bank  Current Balance  Item Price 
Escrow  Shipping & Insurance
Loved Art:  When you click on this button , It toggles red on & off. The red identifies the current art as "loved" for inclusion in your gallery  if you wish. ×

My Gallery   Settings   Upload 
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Current Balance:
All your deposits & expenditures are calculated & displayed for the current year.

Add Funds  Withdraw Funds  My Bank 
Buy Art  Sell Art
Item Price:
This price is what the seller is asking for the art, less shipping (if it applies) and tax. Escrow is free.

 Upload  Add Funds  My Bank 
Escrow  Contact
Escrow:  Free service on all transactions. Funds escrowed until successful receipt & deposit funds into sellers account. All shipping is insured & signature required. ×

Item Price  Taxs  Add Funds 
Mission  Contact
Shipping & Insurance:
Shipping to the same country is included in the prices of art and therefore paid by the seller. The same is true with Insurance.

Escrow  Mission  Contact 
Buy Art  Sell Art
YTD or Year-to-Date includes everything in your "My Bank" area which is currently calculated from January 1st of this year to today.

Balance Carry Forward  Bonus  Rate Art 
 Share  Art Sales  Art Buys Donations
Balance Carry Forward
All funds in your account at Year-End, will automatically be carried forward into the new year and be reflected in your current balance.

 Share Art: When you refer people to Broadcast Gallery by sharing any URL link on the platform, you earn 5% of what they earn when they rate art. ×

Rate Art  URL  Settings 
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Credit Cards:
You may purchase a work of art or add funds to your "My Bank" account by using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

$ My Bank  Add Funds  Withdraw Funds 
Buy Art  Sell Art
Add Funds:
When in your "My Bank" feature, you will see a form (on the right) where you can use a Credit Card to add funds to your account.

$ My Bank  Credit Cards  Withdraw Funds 
Buy Art  Sell Art
Withdraw Funds: You may withdraw funds at a minimum of $25. Enter the amount you wish to receive from your balance & click Withdraw for further instructions. ×

Buy Art  Sell Art  Contact 
Buy Art  Sell Art
New Account Bonus:  You have earned an automatic $5 Bonus for registering. Congratulations! Thank you for becoming a member of Broadcast Gallery! ×

Marketing:  When you bid on a keyword or the Top Gallery List position, you bid for each bid/position placement and pay a per-click-fee (your bid). Also your CGN fee is included here. ×

Bid on Keywords  Bid on Top Gallery list 
CGN  What kind of pay-per-click fee? 
Keyword Bid Setup for Search:
Your upload can be the first result of any search on your keyword. Choose a Keyword Phrase, Max Bid, Select an upload then Add.

Keyword Phrase  Search  Max Bid 
Top Bid Check  Add
Keyword Phrase: A word or series of words separated by space(s). Case and punctuation are ignored. One word or short phrases are searched more often. ×

Search  Keywords  Top Galleries 
CGN: Custom Gallery Name 
Top Bid:  Put your keyword(s) into the Keyword Phrase input box & click "Check" to see what the Current Top/Highest Bid is for this phrase. Highest bid gets shown. ×

Keyword Phrase  Will Show  My Max Bid 
CPV  Add Keyword Bid
Will Show:
This drop down menu shows all art or ads you have uploaded. You may select the one you wish to assign to your typed keyword phrase.

My Max Bid  Top Bid  Keyword Phrase 
CPV  Contact
My Max Bid:
This is the most you are willing to spend (Per Click) to be placed first in the search results for your Keyword Phrase.

Per Click  Search 
Keyword Phrase  CPV
Add Keyword Bid:  Click the "Add" button after you have selected your Keywork Phrase, checked the Current Bid, selected which image Will Show & entered My Max Bid. ×

Keywork Phrase  Current Bid  Will Show 
My Max Bid 
Art ID:
The ID is the identification number we give each work of art. This allows you to reference each individual work of art even if they have the same title.

Art Title  Art Type  Hearted/Loved 
Star Rating  Image Uploading
This is the Title or Name of the work of art you have Uploaded.

Art Type  Uploads  Image Upoading 
Hearted/Loved  Star Rating 
Type, is a designation such as Painting, Sculpture, Photography or something else which describes the basic type of art it is.

Art Title  Uploads  Image Upoading 
Hearted/Loved  Star Rating 
This is how many people have loved or hearted (saved) your work as one of their favorites.

Art ID  Title  Type 
Star Rating  Image Upoading 
Stars by (how many people):
Stars, mean this work of arts' public star rating. By how many people, is how many people have rated this work of art so far.

Art ID  Title  Type 
Hearted/Loved  Image Upoading 
CPV or Cost Per View:
This is the total spent on this keyword phrase - divided by the number of views it has received.

The Broadcast Gallery
Dream & Mission...

We believe humanity rich in art inspires compassion-
ate, sympathetic, and generous humans. We all love beautiful things. Art increases empathy and triggers reflection; it increases dialogue and generates new ideas and relationships.
Our mission is to collaborate with and to foster the collaboration of everyone awake to dreams of art that linger in their soul.
It's been said "Art makes the world a better place", but it's more than that. Art, especially Art, heals the negative and just makes humans better. Broadcast Gallery is our dream, and our labor of love to you.

Default Gallery Address URL:
This is the free URL or address for your Gallery. Everyone registered has their own free gallery address. In it are loved art, or uploaded art.

Keywords  CGN  URL 
Buy Art  Sell Art
A URL (Universal Resource Locator) is the internet/web address of a website or a file. Sometime this is called a web link.

Contact & Support:
Help & Support are important to us. You can self-help, or you can get live help with our chat interface below.

Chat  | Live Support 
Email  | Andrew@BroadcastGallery.com
Phone  | 612-382-5566
Address  | P.O. Box 475 Sanford, FL 32772 USA
Corporate  |
Website  |

How to Donate:
Click a selected work of art. Under View: select a donation amount. This is how you donate to the artist.

Taxes  Mission  Contact 
My Bank  Add Funds
Play Your Gallery:
Slideshow your Gallery on any device with or without text details. You can adjust the speed at which images play, and allow visitors to buy your art.

Left / Back  Right / Next  Share Art 
Mission  Contact
Taxes:  We collect and pay all sales taxes on all transactions. ×

Escrow  Add Funds 
Shipping and Insurance  Contact
Slide Settings:  When you play your curated gallery using this icon , you can control the speed of playback of each slide. ×

Settings  My Gallery Settings 
Play Your Gallery  Contact
My Gallery Settings:  When you play curate your gallery, use this tool to decide what is included in your gallery; Uploaded art, Loved art or art you have rated. ×

Uploaded Art  Loved Art 
Rated Art  Contact
  Logout:  Click this icon to Logout. Then select the Logout tab and click Logout. ×

4 Ways to Earn  Mission 
Buy Art  Sell Art
 Biography:  When logged in, this
icon allows you to logout, update
your biography, your profile & you
can navigate the escrow features
for buying & selling art.

 Login  Logout   Profile 
Per Click:  This means every time something is clicked or someone selects the item or link in their browser. This link may be shown many time before a click occurs. ×

Art Title  Art Type  Art ID 
Hearted/Loved  Star Rating 
Image Uploading:  When you upload an image of your art using the icon, our escrow service secures all transactions. You pay a $1 fee for each new work of art. ×

Escrow  Sell Art  Benefactors 
Keywords  Top Galleries
Sort Score:  changes the sort order of your art in your   "My Gallery" section. Lower numbers show first. You can use the same number for many works of art. ×

Image Upload  Limited Edition  Benefactors 
Keywords  Top Galleries
Limited Edition:  A Limited Edition (LE or Ltd Ed) is a copy or print of an original & a very profitable way to extend the life of an image you have created. ×

Image Upload  Sort Score  Benefactors 
Keywords  Top Galleries
Image Requirements:  Images should be in jpg, jpeg, gif or png format and be a maximum size of 4MB. You pay a $1 fee for each new work of art uploaded. ×

Controversial Art  Upload  Sort Score 
Limited Edition  Item Price:
Controversial Art:  We reserve the right to delete or block from public view, any art that we consider controversial (religious, political, explicit nude or sexual). ×

Image Requirements  Upload  Sort Score 
Limited Edition  Item Price:
What TYPE of Art:  This is NOT where you select the Medium. This is the type of art that you are posting. ×

Image Requirements  Upload  Sort Score 
Limited Edition  Item Price:
CGN (Custom Gallery Name): 
This is a custom name for your gallery & a unique brandable URL for your gallery. To see examples click on the upload button, then click the "top galleries" tab.

URL  Top Galleries Bid 
Default Gallery Address 
Play Gallery > Settings  When you click this      play icon it plays the selected gallery. These settings control how it/they play. ×

 Loved Art  My Gallery 
 Upload  Play A Gallery
Play Art > Image Duration
This controls how long each work of art will show before it slides/changes to the next image.

 Play Gallery Settings   My Gallery 
 Play Gallery Text Info  Play A Gallery
Play Gallery Text Information
Select what type of art information and descriptions are shown when you play a gallery.

 Play Art Image Duration   My Gallery 
 Upload  Play A Gallery
Select if Selling Original Art:
Any work of art that is not a copy. An Original is not a print,
or a casting of an art object,
but is the original work.

 LE BG Managed    LE Self-Managed  
Upload Signature Sample
Limited Edition Self-Managed:
A copy of the original work that you have printed then sign & number, then ship directly to the buyer.

 Original Art    Limited Edition BG Managed  
Upload Signature Sample
Limited Edition BG Managed:
With our AI signature technology, buyers get a signed, numbered LE print with certificate of authenticity of your design & parameters, directly from our lab.

 Original Art    Limited Edition Self-Managed  
Upload Signature Sample
Upload Signature Sample:
for our Broadcast Gallery Managed Limited editions. Your signature will be modified by our AI to produce an original signature for each print of the edition.

 Original Art    Limited Edition Self-Managed  
 Limited Edition BG Managed  
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How we support:

Broadcast Gallery sells art, a lot of art!
We provide built-in solutions for selling objects of value. We provide support tools such as our free escrow services, public ratings, inventory management, affiliate & marketing tools, and a massive amount of exposure, all for 15%.
Your Gallery can be played (cast) slideshow style, on virtually any device or in any venue. Broadcast Gallery currently plays in upscale restaurants, bars, galleries, cafes, event centers, waiting rooms, homes and devices around the world.
Register today free using the  icon above, and get a
$5 cash gift in your Broadcast Gallery bank.
How we support:

Everyone loves Art. People truly engage with the broadcast. We have the attention of the affluent sector of the market and we build your brand through uniquely customized advertising.
Run your ads under search keywords you select, top gallery lists, and in select broadcast venues.

Build your brand to our ideal demographic: Upscale, upper-income patrons. Advertise the right way (a platform so enjoyable they can't ignore it), to the right people (the affluent), at the right time (when enjoying themselves viewing art).
How we support:

Broadcast Gallery will help you raise awareness and funds for any worthy cause that is close to your heart.
The platform has built in donation options for each work of art and gallery. And our users donate! Donations ensure the arts will continue to impact the future.
Artists regularly receive donations, and your organization can curate a collection to raise funds too. Advertise for donations to support your cause, and we will promote it.
Cast your curated gallery to a large screen at your next event. Your fundraising was never this easy.

How we support:

So, you love the arts? We do too!
Collectors and patrons like you, you are the heart of our 5-star system. You have an opinion and we pay you for it.
Each rating you provide earns you cash in your Broadcast Gallery Bank, (upper left $ icon).
Your anonymous rating is aggregated with others to provide essential feedback to artist's, curator's, galleries and museums, but also can be used to curate your own gallery of others work.
Register today using the  icon above, and receive a
$5 cash gift to use toward any treasure you discover
and would like to purchase.


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